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Magic with everyday elements to do anywhere.

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Horario y ubicación

Access to filming + consultation forum

Course via web

Acerca del evento

The purchase of this ticket allows you to access the filming of the 4 classes of the IMPROVISED MAGIC seminar conducted by Hernán Maccagno in Magiemos, without cuts and WITHOUT REPRODUCTION LIMIT. Access to a specific forum for the course is also included so that you can make your queries directly to Hernán Maccagno.

Each of the classes lasts more than an hour and a half and includes interventions by the participants.

During the seminar you will see a variety of magic games suitable for performing anywhere, from a supermarket queue to bars and stages using common and everyday elements that will give the spectator the appearance of improvised magic. You will also see theoretical aspects about the elements to be used, on-site scenic construction and magical development.



    THE PURCHASE OF THIS TICKET INCLUDES: Access to the complete filming of the Impromptu Magic seminar dictated by Hernán Maccagno without playback limits. Access to a specific consultation forum.




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