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ebook 12 sandwiches versione italiana

12 sandwiches (ITALIAN)



With this new material, Hernán Maccagno invites you with a variety ofeffetti sandwiches per tutti i gusti e tutti i livelli di experienza.

12 panini più dolce and cake.

Include the QR code in the way it is possible to see and godere di ciascuno dei giochi presentati dall'autore.

Troverai sandwiches automatici, tecnici, molto tecnici, facilissimi, for a thoughtful menu, for a scelto menu, for a menu with a name. Routine complete with methods and arguments that vary widelypandemic sandwich per farlo with the zoom.A true miracle in which one spettatore freely thinks of a card from a mixed deck and another spettatore, in magician quality, does not have a panino and senza senza sapere como ha fatto, only following the instructions that the magician will give the processzoom.

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