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Kartis Project

  Es un loving tribute to un friend and teacher, translated in 3 years of search and collection of much of the material that Enrique Carpinetti shared with the magical community in various publications over the years.

  I hope that these more than 300 pages that I found will serve as a starting point.

  Nothing here is new. There is no surprise in knowing that Kartis was, is and will be one of the great masters of Argentine magic and that surely there are morematerial escondido.

  His great lesson in my life was to love this art that unites us without hesitation orpettiness and that is what I want to share with you. That's all...


Hernan Maccagno

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FERNANDO TROTTA, "El Indio Makanudo" and EMA librarian, also added his optional CONCEPTUAL BINDING proposal to this project.

I know your proposal.

Contributed to this compilation

Fernando Trotta

Martin Strada

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